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    Vacuum Freeze Dryer

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    Fruits Vegetables Low Temperature Dryer

    Type FD15 FD30 FD50
    Control Type PLC PLC IPC
    Body Material SS304 SS304 SS304
    Drying Area 15m2 30m2 50m2
    Load Capacity 150Kg 300Kg 500Kg
    Tray Size 1550*490*30mm 1774*443*30mm 60*1000*30mm
    Tray Qty. 40 39 80
    Tray Type Solid or Net Solid or Net Solid or Net
    Baffale Plate Qty. 10+1 13+1 85+1
    Baffale Temp.  10-100oC 10-100oC 10-100oC
    Vacuum Pump Roots Pump+Screw Pump Roots Pump+Screw Pump Roots Pump+Screw Pump
    Max Vacuum <1.0MPa <1.0MPa <1.0MPa
    Defrosting Mode Hot Water or Hot Fluorine Hot Water or Hot Fluorine Hot Water or Hot Fluorine
    Rate Power 39KW 70KW 110KW

    Our company has been developed a new type vacuum dryer , we can make design , research , manufacture, sales , installation and commissioning for vacuum freeze dryer . 

    The Ultralow low temperature drying technology is widely used in medicine , biopharm products , food , blood products , activated substrates etc as the incomparable advantage to other evapration methods . We believe this technology will be a central technology in 21 century. 

    Through several years innovation and practice , our vacuum freeze dryer has unique one button start-stop system , the sealing system which are higher to national standard , non-oil vacuum system , 1:2 cold hydrazide water trapping system , close to zero error heating system etc . 

    Due to the good capabilities , advanced technology , our vacuum freeze dryer has been favored by a lot of customers from domestic and abroad . We are now growing into a famous brand vacuum freeze dryer manufacturer in china , we can produce more than 300sets vacuum freeze dryers per year . 

    The company has been based on the theory of "customer centric" and the principal of mutual trust , mutual support . We have set sales agent in main cities of china to confirm the good service for customers . We are willing to cooperate sincerely with domestic and foreign businessmen, work hand in hand to create a better future. 

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